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Professional Experiences

Research on Ceramic Fuel Cells


National Research Council, Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation , University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, December 2011.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of Berkeley, Berkeley, California, May 2011.

Dr. Viola Birss's fuel cell research lab, Department of Chemsitry, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, April 2011.

Post Doctorate Program

Development of Porous Electrolyte-Supported Tubular Micro-SOFC

Since February 2009

I have been working as a researcher and member of the Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Canada team (SOFCC), a NSERC Strategic Network since I started my post doctorate program in U of A. The Network is an association of 21 research groups from universities and government partnered with Canadian industries. Our Alberta team's outline is to develop and commercialize porous electrolyte supported Micro-SOFCs. We are collaborating in this project as "Theme 3b". During my post doctorate program I have obtained some valuable experience on fabrication and different testing of advanced tubular fuel cells and the microstructure of fuel cells. I have also some experience on ceramic processing methods especially slip casting. More information can be found in Fuel Cell Research section.

Research on Advanced Glasses

PhD studies

Glass Formation, Properties, Crystallisation and Bioactivity of Ca-Si-Al-O-N-F Glasses: Effects of Nitrogen and Fluorine

January 2009

To know more about my PhD subject, you can visit the Ceramics and Glass section.

Research on Refreactories

Involvement in several Iranian national projects with the aim of increasing the steel production in the country via improving the life of the steel furnaces. These projects had been carried out under supervision of Prof. Farhad Golestani-Fard at Iran University of Science and Technology.

Research staff

Simulation of the Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Refractories Used in Steel Ladles by Finite Element Method (FEM)

2004-2005, Isfahan Steel Company Isfahan/Iran

Refractory Research Group (RRG) at IUST

Recycling of the Used MgO-C Refractories in Khuzestan Steel Complex

2003-2004, (1 year) Khuzestan Steel Company Ahvaz/Iran

Refractory Research Group (RRG) at IUST

Studying the Different Refractoriy Brickes and Castables Used in LD Converters of Isfahan Steel Company in Order to Improve Their Performance through Controlling The Corrosion and Erosion Rates.

2001-2003, (2 years) Isfahan Steel Company Isfahan/Iran

Refractory Research Group (RRG) at IUST

Studying the Different Refractory Brickes and Castables Used in Electric Arc Furnaces and Ladles of Isfahan and Mobarakeh Steel Companies in Order to Improve Their Performance through Controlling The Corrosion and Erosion Rates.

2000-2002, (2 years) Mobarakeh Steel Company Isfahan/Iran

Industrial Trainings

Mobrakeh Steel Company (2 years) Isfahan/Iran

Isfahan Steel Company (3 Years) Isfahan/Iran

B. Sc. Final Year Project

Studying the Microstructure of MgO-C Composite Refractories Used in EAF

February 2001 MSE Dept, IUST Tehran/Iran


Glasses/Ceramics and Refractories/Fuel Cells: XRD, XRF, DTA/TGA, DSC, Dilatometry, BET, Particle size and Zeta potential analysis, Viscosity measurement, Insitu High temperature XRD, Thin-film XRD, SEM, TEM, Mechanical properties, FTIR, Raman Spectroscopy, Bio-activity of materials, Fuel cell electrochemical performance testing.

Familiar with operating different types of vertical and horizontal atmosphere controlled furnaces.

Reviewer of the Journals:

1. Journal of the American Ceramic Society

2. International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology

3. Solid State Ionics

4. Fuel Cells

5. Journal of the Electrochemical Society