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Ireland is one of the most naturally beautiful part of the earth.

The campus of University of Limerick.

A coast in Dingle Penninsula, Ireland, November 2008.

The beauty in this land is sometimes scary.

A coast in the southern part of the Ireland, June 2006.

Cliffs of Moher, the highest cliffs of the Europe, June 2007.

Presentation in the 5th International conference on Nitrides. Eskisehir/Turkey, April 2006.

Some of the conference participants including Prof. Derek Thompson and Prof. Hasan Mandal the former European Ceramic Society presidents, April 2006.

Prof. Stuart Hampshire and I in the Marmara see in Istanbul/Turkey, April 2006.

Pouring a 1700°C glass melt into a pre-heated graphite mould and annealing the glass bar in a separate furnace, My colleague in this picture is Angel Garcia Belles, Sep. 2006.

Ceramics and Glass Research Laboratory, University of Limerick, Ireland, May 2007.

The ceramic and glass research group at University of Limerick/Ireland, June 2007.

10th European Ceramic conference on Ceramics, Berlin/Germany, June 2007. Stuart's presentation for Stuijts award. He had put me and Angel's picture pouring a glass as the background of acknowledgment section. It was a big surprise for us.

He was presented with the Stuijts award by Prof. Derek Thompson the president of the Euopean Ceramic Society who was my external PhD examiner later, June 2007.

Student speech competition of the 10th European Ceramic conference on Ceramics, Berlin Germany, June 2007. I was representing UK and Ireland in this contest.

The beautiful Berlin, June 2007.

Top, from left hand side: Angel Garcia Belles and Abde Kidari, my former colleagues and bottom, me and Mike Pomeroy, November 2008.

Our former professors at Iran University of Science and Technology including Prof. Farhad Golestani-Fard whom I worked for him for 4 years, December 2008.

Stuart and Mike my PhD supervisors, January 2009.

Stuart was presenting the hat for me. University of Limerick, Ireland, January 2009.

And it is done. University of Limerick, Ireland, January 2009.

I owe my PhD to this furnace which bothered me a lot fixing it for days but at the end of the story something came out of it. University of Limerick, Ireland, January 2009.

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