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Research Overview

I am most interested in comparative genomics research at the population level.  My work with graduate students, PDFs, research associates and colleagues has focused on genetic improvement and biotechnology, as well as evolutionary, ecological, quantitative, population, and conservation genetics from the theoretical and emperical perspectives. My desire to cover a broad spectrum of genetic disciplines has enabled the graduate students and PDFs with very different educational backgrounds and research interests to interact. This has enabled us to study breeding, improvement and gene conservation with a broad viewpoint and contributed to greater understanding of the forces and mechanisms that maintain genetic diversity. Over the years, I am very privileged to have worked with/supervised a group of very talented individuals who have contributed immensely to the genetics literature. They include Bill Cheliak, Daniel Chong, Yousry Elkassaby, Israel Jiang, John King, David O'Malley, Mei Sun, Harry Wu, Xie Chang-Yi, Alvin Yanchuk, Rong-Cai Yang, Li Changxi, Selvaduri Dayanandan, Wei Run-Peng and among others. Currently, I have the following projects in progress: 

  • Genomic mapping and QTL.
  • Gene expression studies in rust resistance and salt tolerance.
  • Biodiversity and the management of genetic resources.
  • Selection and development of salt tolerant genotypes and varieties suitable for reclamation and phytoremediation of CT sites.
  • Molecular population genetics and biosystematics.
  • Evolution of quantitative traits.
  • Host-pathogen interactions.
  • Multilocus genetic structuring.
  • Mating system and genetic diversity in continuous and fragmented populations.
  • Genotype-environment interaction and estimate of heritabilities and genetic correlations.
  • Juvenile-mature correlations and strategies for early genetics selection.