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Research Collaborations

Over the years my group has established many national and international research collaborations while maintaining strong support to practical tree breeding in Alberta. The following are current notables.

Alberta Lands and Forest Service - Basic and applied research projects with Dr. Narinder Dhir's Provincial Tree Improvement group aim to:

  • Deploy genotypes for balancing genetic gain and diversity.
  • Develop bioclimatic modeling for seed zonation and provenance research.
  • Study early greenhouse selection techniques to accelerate breeding.
  • Provide genetic gain predictions for growth and disease traits.
  • Linking DNA markers that confer resistance to western gall rust.

Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences - In addition to lateral training of graduate students, we have the following research projects with Dr. Gosta.Eriksson's group at the Uppsala Genetics Centre:

  • Advance very early selection techniques in phytotrons to accelerate breeding.
  • Genomic mapping of economic traits.

Nanjing Forestry University - Working with Vice-President Shi Jisen and Former President, Dr. Wang Mingxiu's group in genetics and tree breeding, our projects focus on assessment of genetic diversity, breeding methods and application of biotechnology in:

  • Chinese fir, Cunninghamia lanceolata.
  • Masson pine, Pinus massoniana.
  • Hybrid poplars, Populus.
  • Forest genomics.