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Completed Graduate Students

Almeida-Rodriquez, Adriana. PhD (Forest Biology and Management). Gene expression patterns and functional analysis of aquaporins in poplar trees. (co-supervised with Janusz Zwiazek).

Cornelius, Jonathan Philip. PhD (Forest Biology and Management). Genetics of forest fragmentation in Costa Rica.

Fazekas, Aron James. PhD (Forest Biology and Management). Diversity and gene flow in Pinus contorta.

Jimenez-Casas, Marcos. PhD (Forest Biology and Management). Salt responses of Pinus leiophylla to salt stress. (co-supervised with Janusz Zwiazek).

King, John N. PhD (Forest Biology and Management). Multitrait selection in Douglas-fir.

Lacson-Guardamano, Rose Marie. M.Sc (Forest Biology and Management). Molecular genetics of salt stress responses in Pinus banksiana and Picea mariana.

Li, Changxi. PhD (Forest Biology and Management).  Genomic mapping and QTL in lodgepole pine.

Liengsiri, Chaiyasit. PhD (Forest Biology and Management). Genetic variation in Pterocarpus Macrocarpus.

Lu, Pengxin. M.Sc (Forest Biology and Management). Early genetic evaluation of jack pine.

MBogga, Michael. PhD (Forest Biology and Management). Climate modeling and climate change adaptation strategies for reforestation in Alberta. (co-supervised with Andreas Hamann)

Rweyongeza, Deogratias Max. M.Sc (Forest Biology and Management).  Geograpic and genetic variation of Scots pine. (co-supervised with Bruce Dancik).

Rweyongeza, Deogratias Max. PhD (Forest Biology and Management).  Early genetic selection in white spruce.

Wu, Harry Xiaming. PhD (Forest Biology and Management). Early selection in lodgepole pine.

Yanchuk, Alvin D. PhD (Forest Biology and Management). Quantitative genetics of lodgepole pine. (co-supervised with Bruce Dancik).

Ye, Terrance Zhihong.  PhD (Forest Biology and Management). Coevolutionary genetics of Pinus contorta-Pinus bankasiana complex and Endocronartium Harknessii.