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September - December, 1999

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  • Commercialization of Academia Research (html version for viewing)
    Fakhreddin Jamali
    PDF Version for printing, page 88

Technical Notes

Original Articles

  • Application of Direct Search Optimization for Pharmacokinetic Parameter Estimation. (html version for viewing)
    Farhad Khorasheh, Saeed Sattari, and Abbas Gerayeli
    PDF version for printing, page 92

  • A Novel Skin Penetration Enhancer: Evaluation by Membrane Diffusion and Confocal Microscopy. (html version for viewing)
    Saunders, Henry Davis, Linda Coetzee, Susan Botha, Ansie Kruger, and Anne Grobler
    PDF version for printing, page 99

  • Antitumoral Activity of New Pyrimidine Derivatives of Sesquiterpene Lactones Derivatives (html version for viewing)
    Angelina Quintero, Araceli Pelcastre, Jose Dolores Solano
    PDF version for printing, 108

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