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Individual Level: Time

No time? No surprise.

In every one of the focus groups, Toddler making a snow angelparticipants identified lack of time as a barrier to physical activity. Individual circumstances determine how time is spent each day, but some commonly identified factors include:

  • Caring for children or elderly parents
  • Work responsibilities
  • Family responsibilities
  • More than one job
  • Transportation issues
  • Other interests and priorities
  • Volunteer responsibilities
  • Time taken to commute to work
  • Limited mobility

Time is master in a western lifestyle, you know, there is not time [for] social activities. New Canadian focus group participant

With a wheelchair you have obstacles . . . you might have to go around the block rather than through the front door.
Focus group participant with a disability

Making Time for Physical Activity: An Ecological Approach

Focus group participants identified lack of time as a barrier to participating in physical activity. To succeed in addressing this issue, use strategies that incorporate the various levels of an ecological model:Want to learn more about this topic? Click here for useful online materials.

  • The Individual
  • The Social Environment
  • The Physical Environment
  • Policies and Regulations

Strategies for making time for physical activity


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