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What are Inclusive Communities?

The term “inclusion” can refer to an approach, an attitude, a process, or a service.

A philosophy of inclusion:Blind man
• Embraces the fair treatment of all individuals and groups in society
• Emphasizes that society’s benefits should be shared by all
• Recognizes that society is enriched by diversity
• Celebrates difference
• Values all persons as unique, contributing members of society
• Provides community members with the opportunity to make informed choices

A community can refer to a physical place:
• City or town
• Neighborhood
• Workplace
• School
• Place of worship

A community can also refer to a group that shares common
• Experiences
• Interests
• Pastimes
• Beliefs
• Cultures
• Values

For example, a community can be an individual’s family, friends, sports team, choir, book club members, or walking partners. Whenever two or more people share a common purpose or interest, a community is formed.

Communities are inclusive if they are accepting of all members and provide opportunities for all community members to be active in and contribute to the community.

Inclusive communities embrace diversity and support members who encounter challenges to full participation in the community. This process includes the active and meaningful involvement of a variety of groups within a community.



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