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Health and Physical Activity: An Ecological Approach

Health and Physical Activity: The Individual


To address health concerns on an individual level, you can:

  • Educate individuals about the health benefits of physical activity
  • Educate individuals about the ways physical activity impacts chronic conditions
  • Provide information on exercises and activities that are appropriate for specific age groups or unique health conditions
  • Listen carefully to clients or members to learn exactly what it is about their physical health, mental health, or perceptions of health that encourage or discourage them to be active

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Health and Physical Activity: The Social Environment


Try the following strategies to address health concerns at a social level:

  • Encourage the buddy system to help overcome fear (e.g., fear of doing something wrong, fear of hurting oneself, etc.)
  • Recognize that fears exist—do not dismiss or belittle them
  • Train staff so they can adapt programs and/or provide appropriate activities for people of all ages and ability levels and with unique health conditions
  • Encourage those who use health as a goal to be active
  • Seek support from health care providers in reinforcing the importance of physical activity
  • Develop post-rehabilitation plans for clients who are leaving rehabilitation centres

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Health and Physical Activity: The Physical Environment


Some strategies for addressing health concerns in the physical environment include:

  • Examining your facility to determine if changes can be made to the physical environment that will ease the concerns of individuals with health issues.
    • Is a first aid kit easily accessible and visible?
    • Is an AED (automated external defibrillator) easily accessible and visible?
    • Are chairs in areas where they may be needed?
    • Are safety grips provided on exercise equipment?
      Note: The Physical Access section provides other excellent ideas
  • Advocating and/or planning for features in the built environment that will encourage participation from individuals with health-related issues
    • Benches at regular intervals on walking paths and common areas
    • Street lights with a longer duration for wheelchair users or pedestrians who need more time to cross
    • Well-maintained paths and sidewalks
    • Paths and trails regularly patrolled and marked with up-to-date signage indicating distance and difficulty
    • Public phones and transportation services available in recreation locations

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Health and Physical Activity: Policies and Regulations


Health concerns can be addressed by developing policy and implementing regulations. You can contribute at this level by:

  • Ensuring safety and emergency procedures are in place
  • Implementing hiring practices that ensure staff are available who are trained to work with individuals with a variety of abilities and health conditions
  • Advocating for and implementing fee policies that ensure services and programs are affordable for all (See the Social Access section for specific ideas.)
  • Advocating for work-place health and wellness fund and incentives

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Health and Physical Activity: Useful Links


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