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“Physical activity helps maintain muscle strength.”

“My changing health certainly motivated me to walk.”

“We have coffee afterwards and interaction with people.”

“I enjoy doing it."

Why Am I Active?Benefits

Focus group participants saw the social, psychological and physical benefits of physical activity.

Social Benefits
Many participants cited the social benefits of physical activity. For example, they said being physically active enabled them to “get out and meet people” and spend time with others outside their homes.

Psychological Benefits
The psychological benefits of physical activity included:

  • improving mental outlook
  • helping to prevent Alzheimer’s
  • relieving depression
  • increasing mental alertness
  • improving memory
Physical Benefits
Physical benefits included:
  • increasing energy
  • maintaining muscle strength
  • improving appetite
  • helping with weight loss
  • improving circulation
  • promoting physical independence
  • lubricating joints
  • strengthening the heart
  • decreasing cholesterol
  • releasing endorphins
  • reducing stiffness
  • improving sleep




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