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“I like to park my car far away and have a walk to the store. And take the stairs instead of the elevator.”

“I walk the dog for over an hour a day. Twice. And curling in winter.


Focus group participants participated in a variety of physical activities, including leisure-time and work-time activities of light to moderate intensity.

Walking was the most common physical activity. Other physical activities included:



What Activities Do I Do?

  • walking the dog

  • golfing

  • aquasize

  • curling

  • gardening
  • swimming

  • bowling

  • going to the gym

  • dancing

  • shovelling

  • playing with grandchildren

  • stretching

  • washing the car

  • biking

  • “sexercise”

Most responses were leisure activities (including sport and recreational activities). However, work-time physical activities, such as farming and housework, were also mentioned.

In addition, some participants talked about taking an “active living” approach to their day-to-day activities, e.g., by parking their cars away from their destination.



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