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Are you looking for a way to help your participants or clients keep track of their physical activity?

This section has information about online trackers and pedometers — both good ways to track activity.

Online Trackers

Older adults can log in to create a completely private account. They can then enter their activity for the day or week, set goals and view their activity levels over time.

Online activity trackers are available from:

  1. Walk This Way (Physical Activity Resource Centre).

  2. Your Walking Workout (Saskatoon in motion).


Another very effective tool to help encourage people to move more and sit less is a pedometer.

A pedometer is a simple device used to measure the number of steps you take in a day. When positioned correctly, your pedometer records a step each time your hip moves up and down.

Your pedometer also measures things you do throughout your day in addition to walking, e.g., bending to tie your shoes.

The Alberta Centre for Active Living’s Pedometer Information Sheet gives you information about what pedometers can do and how to wear one. The information sheet is available in both English and French:

Steps Count is a reliable Canadian distributor of pedometers. They have a number of different pedometers to choose from. We recommend that you get one that only counts steps, as these are the easiest to use.

Find out More

  • Walking/Pedometers resources (Alberta Centre for Active Living): Visit this part of the Centre’s Resources section for more information about the benefits of walking and using pedometers to track steps.

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