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“At the women’s conference they had a belly dancing demonstration and had us all up there just wiggling our hips. Some of the ladies who were at the conference were going to the class, and they weren’t super slim and trim. You know there’s no two ways about it. They were going there for fun, they were having a good laugh and getting some exercise.”


“I would like to try clogging.”


“I would like to play a sport like basketball, or baseball.”


“I would like to go to a gym if there was one.”


Participants in our focus groups indicated they’d most likely want to do more walking.

Many participants said that they’d like to try new activities, including:

  • bicycling

  • golfing

  • cross-country skiing

What activities Would I Like to Try?
  • synchronized swimming

  • belly dancing

  • clogging

  • curling

  • disking (similar to curling)

  • skating

  • aquasize

  • going to the gym




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