There are a nearly infinite number of tournaments held in Canada and the U.S. every year that you could possibly attend. For more information you can check out the EUPA, CUPA or UPA websites.

UAU Tournaments

Each year the UAU holds organizes two hat tournaments: Animal Farm in September and Blue Balls in the early spring (sometimes played in the snow). What's a hat tournament you say? It's a tournament format where instead of registering with a team, you register as an individual and then we put together some teams and you get to play. Field food is provided so you have snacks to munch on throughout the day. Hat tournaments are a great way to meet lots of other people who play ulitimate while learning the sport or improving your skill. All levels or players are welcome!

The UAU also sends a co-ed team every year to participate in UHF in Vernon, BC held in September. It's a great first tournament for newer players and always a ton of fun for everyone attending!

And of course there is the Canadian University Ultimate Championships held annually in October to which the UAU sends a competitive Men's and Women's team. In the past the U of A team has done very well at this tournament and even hosted the Championship here in Edmonton in 2008. This is an extremely exciting and fun tournament to participate in and a great chance to improve a lot in a short amount of time.