We play lots of ultimate in the summer. The best way to stay in the loop is by making sure you're on both U of A and EUPA email lists. Having said that, here's some of the basics:

Pick-Up Games are held regularly on the big field in Hawrelak Park (91 Ave and 118 st, South of Groat Road Bridge - see the map below) as well as at other locations throughout the city. They usually start about mid-April (whenever it dries up properly) and run until the snow falls. Anyone who wishes to show up and participate is welcome. Never played before? Can't throw a forehand? No problem. Ultimate players are happy to introduce newcomers to the sport. We can teach you. There is no set times currently, but you can check out EUPA website and their Facebook pick-up group (EUPA pick-up) to find out times.

Summer League Run by the Edmonton Ultimate Players Association and accommodates all levels of ability and experience. The league starts mid-May and details may be found on the EUPA website.This year the UAU is also looking into putting together a team to participate in Summer league, let us know if you'd be interested in joining!

Tournaments Each summer Edmonton teams attend numerous tournaments all through Canada and the U.S. There are out of town tournaments about every second weekend from the end of May through October. Click here for a list of some tournaments.

Teams get formed sort of informally, by word of mouth and such, so if you're keen on playing seriously this summer you need to ask around and find out who's putting together teams, or just organize your own. With e-mail, it's not very difficult.

Touring Teams
Edmonton has a variety of competitive Men's, Women's and Co-ed teams that have competed in Canadian Nationals and other high caliber tournaments throughout the years. In 2009 Psycho Plastique one of Edmonton's competitive co-ed teams even participated in both Canadian Nationals (Winnipeg, Manitoba) and UPA Nationals (Sarasota, Florida).

Their practices tend to be open to anyone looking to improve their game and learn more about ultimate, for at least the early part of the season and new players are always welcome to try out. It's best to just ask around and check out the EUPA website to find out more information on these teams.

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