Stothard Research Group


The 1000 Bulls Project paper on genes regulating body size has been published in Nature Genetics

Contact Information

Paul Stothard, PhD
Bioinformatics, genomics, and genetics
Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science (AFNS)
1400 College Plaza
8215 - 112 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6G 2C8

email: stothard@ualberta.ca
phone: 1.780.492.5242
fax: 1.780.492.4265

Research Interests

Genetic basis of important traits in animals - we are using whole-genome sequencing and bioinformatics to understand the genetic basis of production and health traits in animals.

Mechanisms of pathogen resistance and resilience in livestock - we are using information in the form of genotypes, miRNA profiles, and mRNA profiles to understand what makes some individuals less susceptible to infection than others.

Genome variation and evolution - we are developing novel tools for visualizing sequence differences among individuals and species, and for predicting the impacts of small- and large-scale sequence variants. We are using these tools to perform detailed comparisons of animal genomes and to find functionally important variants.

Software tools for bacterial genome interpretation - we are creating an expert system to process, analyze, and visualize bacterial genome sequence data. This system uses high-performance computing to quickly deliver high-quality and comprehensively annotated assemblies.