Stothard Research Group


We have completed sequencing of more than 400 cattle genomes!

Contact Information

Paul Stothard, PhD
Associate Professor
Bioinformatics and Genomics
Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science (AFNS)
1400 College Plaza
8215 - 112 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6G 2C8

email: stothard@ualberta.ca
phone: 1.780.492.5242
fax: 1.780.492.4265

Research Interests

Genetic basis of important traits in livestock - we are using whole-genome sequencing and bioinformatics to understand the genetic basis of economically important traits in cattle and pigs. Knowledge of the genetic variants involved will lead to better tools for selective breeding.

Mechanisms of pathogen resistance in livestock - we are using information in the form of genotypes, miRNA profiles, and mRNA profiles to understand what makes some individuals more resistant to infection by certain pathogens. This knowledge may lead to new genomics-based tools that can be used to classify susceptible and resistant individuals prior to pathogen exposure.

Rumen bacteria and their relationship with host feed efficiency - we are using a variety of sequencing and bioinformatics approaches to study bacterial genomes and populations, to better understand their metabolic properties and influence on host traits like feed efficiency.

Genome variation and evolution - we are developing novel tools for visualizing sequence differences among individuals and species, and for predicting the impacts of small- and large-scale sequence variants.