Understanding the genetic basis of traits in animals

We are using genomics and bioinformatics to identify DNA sequence differences that explain variation in simply-inherited and polygenic traits in animals. Our findings have been incorporated into DNA tests used in cattle and pig breeding.

Cataloging genome variation in cattle and bison

We are using short- and long-read whole-genome sequencing and custom software to find and visualize genome differences among individuals and species. Through this work we identified functionally important de novo structural variants in cattle, and developed a SNP chip used in bison farming and conservation.

Facilitating metagenomic sequencing-based diagnostics

We are working on a software pipeline to rapidly identify pathogens and detect antimicrobial resistance genes in metagenomic sequence data, to inform antimicrobial use in feedlot cattle.

Creating user-friendly software for rapid bacterial genome interpretation

We continue to develop a popular web-based system called Proksee that uses high-performance computing to quickly deliver high-quality and comprehensively annotated bacterial genome assemblies.