We study geologic fluids and their roles in forming mineral deposits. Much of our research uses fluid inclusions (tiny droplets of fluid trapped within minerals) as tools to explore properties of ore-forming fluids.

We also develop quantitative tools for data analysis and interpretation. Some of these programs are available in our Downloads page.

Some of our recent accomplishments include:

Documenting mixing between brine and oil as a trigger for sphalerite deposition at Pine Point, NWT, Canada. Project was led by undergraduate (Honors) student Marko Szmihelsky (now an MSc student at Memorial University, Newfoundland) with input from Boomer Bain, Ashley Went and Brandon Campbell, in collaboration with the Nortwest Territories Geological Survey and Osisko Metals Inc. Marko's paper is published in Geology.
Discovering a key role of anatectic carbonate-sulfate melts in the formation of iron oxide-apatite deposits. Project was led by PhD student Wyatt "Boomer" Bain (now a postdoc at Lakehead University, Ontario). Wyatt's paper is published in Nature Geosciences
Providing evidence for fluid overpressure during petroleum generation in organic-rich shales. Project was led by visiting PhD student Miao Wang (China University of Petroleum Qingdao and University of Alberta). Miao's paper is published in Geology.
Developing a new model for the solubilities of minerals in saline hydrothermal fluids. Project was led by MSc student Hanna Brooks (now a PhD student at the University of Maine). Hanna's paper is published in American Journal of Science.
Modeling the properties of H2O-NaCl fluid inclusions from ambient to high temperatures. Project was led by postdoc Yury Klyukin (now a postdoc at University of Calgary. Yury's paper is published in Earth-Science Reviews.

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