Our analytical facilities include:

Raman spectroscopy: Our lab hosts a Horiba LabRam HR Evolution Raman microscope equipped with green, near-IR and UV lasers. The microscope can accommodate our freezing-heating stages for Raman spectroscopy and mapping in-situ at controlled temperatures.
Fluid inclusion microscopy and microthermometry: Our fluid inclusion lab hosts a custom built Olympus BX53 microscope equippe for transmitted light microscopy in the visible and infrared ranges; reflected light microscopy; and UV fluorescence. The microscope is also equipped with a variety of freezing-heating stages for microthermometry.
Our transmitted light microscopy setup provides unmatched optical quality for petrographic and microthermometric analysis of fluid inclusions
Our microscope is equipped with an infrared camera to 1100 nm, which enables microscopy and microthermometry of fluid inclusions in nominally opaque minerals such as wolframite (left).
We're also equipped with an InGaAs infrared camera to 2200 nm, which enables microscopy and microthermometry of fluid inclusions in pyrite (right).
We operate a Hg-source ultraviolet light for flourescence microscopy, particularly for applications to hydrocarbon-bearing fluids.
Our microthermometric equipment includes a refurbished USGS-type gas-flow stage, the "workhorse" for microthermometry between -196 to +700 °C.
Our lab also hosts two computer-controlled Linkam stages, one for measurements between -196 to +600 °C, and the other for higher temperatures up to +1400 °C.