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Fall 2017

ASTRO 120: Astronomy of the Solar System
This course focuses on exploring our knowledge of astronomy and astrophysics of the Solar System, as well as open questions in the field. We will discuss the origin, evolution and nature of the Earth, the other planets, and non-planetary bodies in our Solar System. Through this lens, we will develop understanding of astronomy and astronomical techniques, while considering both what is currently known and recent results obtained from the latest observatories and exploratory missions.
  • MWF 15:00-15:50, CCIS L2-200
    CCIS L2-200 is located in the Lower Level 2, two floors down from the main entrances, of the CCIS building.
    The classroom is in the southern part of the building, underneath the quad.
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  • Please bring your i-Clickers to all classes, including our first one.

PHYS 495/595: Theoretical Astrophysics
This course will consist of three related topics (hereafter, components) in theoretical astrophysics. Each topic will account for approximately one-third of the course, and will be led by a different instructor.
    • Radiative Processes (Heinke) - This component discusses the processes by which radiation is generated in and propagates through astrophysical systems. Since nearly every astrophysical observation is electromagnetic in nature, it also represents the key physics for understanding data.
    • Astrophysical Fluids (Ivanova) - Astrophysical fluids span a wider range of physical conditions than are found in terrestrial applications. This component will present an introduction to the hydrodynamic equations and numerical methods used to solve those systems.
    • Approximation Methods (Sivakoff) - This course component will provide generic problem-solving skills, including the development of prototype solutions to unfamiliar problems (using e.g. dimensional analysis), and estimating the importance of different physical effects in various physical systems. These skills are essential for identifying relevant processes and effective solution strategies in research situations.
  • TR 12:30-13:50, CCIS L1-029
    CCIS L1-029 is located in the Lower Level 1, one floor down from the main entrances, of the CCIS building.
    The classroom is in the eastern part of the building.
  • Course Outline
  • Class Webpage
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