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Americas XI Scientific Program

The scientific program of the XI Americas Conference consists of two main events:
  • Summer School: , August 12-14, 2017.
  • Conference: August 15-19, 2017.

Summer School for Graduate Students/PDFs

The Summer School on New Trends and Applications of Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows will be held during the first three days of the conference (August 12-14, 2017). Lectures are given by experts in differential equations and nonlinear analysis. Tutorial lecturers:
  • Walter Craig (McMaster)
    Hamiltonian PDE and water waves
  • Rafael de la Llave (Georgia Tech)
    Invariant manifolds: Theory and computation
  • Hildebrando Rodrigues (Sao Carlos)
    Synchronization and Applications
  • Konstantin Mischaikow (Rutgers)
    High Dimensional Data, Dynamics of Spatial Structures, and Persistent Homology
  • Noemi Wolanski (Buenos Aries)
    Reaction-diffusion processes, singular perturbation and free boundary problems
  • Jianhong Wu (York)
    Modeling dynamic spread patterns of diseases in nature communicable to men

The George R. Sell Lecture

The new George R. Sell Lecture series for the Americas Conference series is sponsored by Springer. The inaugural Sell Lecture will be delivered at this conference by Professor John Mallet-Paret, Brown University, USA.

Plenary Lectures

One-hour plenary lectures are given by leaders in differential equations and nonlinear analysis.
  • Lai-Sang Young (Courant Institute)
  • Jean-Philippe Lessard (Laval)
  • Mayra Nunez Lopez (UNAM)
  • Genevieve Raugel (Paris-Sud)
  • Robert Pego (Carnegie Mellon)
  • Alexandre de Carvalho (Sao Carlos)
  • David Damanik (Rice)
  • Robert McCann (Toronto)
  • Kening Lu (Brigham Young)
  • Peter Miller (Michigan)
  • Weishi Liu (Kansas)
  • Julien Arino (Manitoba)
  • Renato Iturriaga (Mexico)
  • Mason Porter (UCLA)
  • Wenxian Shen (Auburn)
  • Nicolas Saintier (Buenos Aires)

Theme Sessions

Special sessions with 40-minute invited talks are dedicated to several important themes in differential equations, dynamical systems, and nonlinear analysis.
  • Bifurcation theory
    Organizers: Gail Wolkowicz (McMaster) and Huaiping Zhu (York)
  • Functional Differential Equations
    Organizers: Jacques Belair (Montreal), Sue Ann Campbell (Waterloo), and Xingfu Zou (Western)
  • Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems
    Organizers: Gilberto Flores (UNAM) and Alexandre Carvalho (Sao Carlos)
  • Elliptic and Parabolic Equations
    Julian Fernandez Bonder (Buenos Aires) and Xiaoqiang Zhao (Memorial)
  • Computation in Dynamical Systems
    Organizers: Konstantin Mischaikow (Rutgers) and Marcio Gameiro (Sao Carlos)
  • Electrodiffusion and Ion Channel Problems
    Organizers: Chun Liu (Penn State) and Weishi Liu (Kansas)

Poster Sessions on the Web

This innovation will facilitate participation of graduate students and young researchers, especially those who are unable to participate in person. Posters will be submitted online, and after a screening process, accepted posters will be posted on the conference website. A special time will be allocated for live online discussion of the posters among authors and conference participants. A cash prize will be awarded to the best student poster, selected by the Scientific Committee.

The deadline for submission of poster abstract is June 30, 2017.

Special Session for Woman Scientists and Students

As a new feature to the Americas Conference series, the Special Session for Woman Scientists and Students aims to encourage participation of women in scientific research in the field of differential equations and nonlinear analysis. The session will consist 40-minutes invited talks and 25 minutes contributed talks.

The deadline for submission of talk abstract is June 30, 2011.

Social Activities

A variety of social activities are organized during the conference to facilitate exchange of ideas and networking among participants and foster research collaborations. In addition to morning and afternoon coffee breaks, there will a welcome reception, a BBQ dinner, and the conference banquet.