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Local Information

Some excellent websites for information about the City of Edmonton:

Getting around Edmonton

Finding your way around in Edmonton is easy. Avenues run east to west and streets run north to south. Avenue numbers increase from south to north and street numbers increase from east to west. The approximate geographic centre of the city is 100 Ave. and 100 St. The U of A campus is located about 114 St and 87 Av.

Edmonton has a very efficient public transit system, which includes a light-rail system (LRT=subway). The LRT provides convenient and quick access between the University of Alberta and downtown Edmonton. Most of the downtown hotels are within 15 minutes to the U of A campus on LRT. The 2017 adult fare is CDN $3.25 and a bundle of 10 tickets can be purchased for $25.50. Tickets from a bundle need to be validated at the station before boarding the train. This is done by inserting the ticket into a small orange-colored machine to have the date punched. A ticket is good for 90 minutes and can be used for both directions on buses and LRT. A day pass for one-day unlimited rides on buses and LRT costs $9.50.

U of A Campus

The Americas XI will be held on the U of A campus. All lecture rooms and computer labs are located on the second and third floor of the Central Academic Building (CAB), which houses the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, and is located in the center of the campus.

Residence rooms at the St. Joseph's College and the Lister Centre are reserved for the conference participants. The residence is located on campus, one block from the Central Academic Building. For reservation information, and information on other choices of accommodation, go to the accommodation page for details.

There are a variety of convenient fast food places and coffee shops on campus. The Student Union Building (SUB), HUB Mall, and cafeterias in the Central Acaddemic Building and the Education Building are common places for lunch and coffee on campus. U of A campus has excellent recreational facilities such as swimming pools, indoor track, fitness center, badmington courts, tennis center, all accessible for a daily fee. Check the campus recreation website for details.

Summer weather in Edmonton

The Edmonton skyline and the beautiful North Saskatchewan River valley.
Edmonton's climate varies considerably throughout the year. August is the warmest month and is generally nice and warm. There is virtually no humidity in the area which means that the heat is a pleasant heat; the average high temperature for August is 22C (72F) and can get as high as 30C (86F), with temperatures overnight dropping to 12C (52F). There are chances of thundersorms. Because of its high langitude (53.5 N), summer days are long and ideal for outdoor activities. The sun rises around 6:30 am and sets around 9:00 pm. Edmonton uses daytime saving time during the summer.

Where to eat in Edmonton

Edmonton is fortunate to have a vast array of restaurants showcasing the cuisine of many cultures. There are a number of restaurants that are in close proximity to the University Campus, some are within walking distance and others are winthin two stops on the LRT across the river in downtown. Many restaurants along the Whyte Avenue (82 Avenue) are within a 5-minutes ride on the buse from campus. A few places we recommmend:

For an extensive search of the city's restaurants, check out some of the popular food apps, Zomato, Yelp, or Google map.


What to see in Edmonton

West Edmonton Mall's indoor waterpark thrills swimmers with wild waves and sensational waterslides.

There are several interesting locations

The above attractions make for a nice family holiday. West Edmonton Mall, the world's largest shopping mall, is an ideal place to bring the family.

Edmonton also has a beautiful, unspoiled river valley which offers dozens of kilometers of jogging and walking trails.

What to see near Edmonton

Located about 30 km east of Edmonton, the following are worth visiting:

What to see in Alberta

Alberta is host to several world famous attractions. The following require a day trip:

Consult the official Travel Alberta page for more information about what to see in Alberta.

Rocky Mountain Information

Jasper National Park

Banff National Park

Jasper National Park