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Academic Program

The IUSEP academic program consists of a variety of formats.

Lectures and Tutorials

Our top researchers will give lectures on some exciting areas of modern mathematics. These lectures are given at a level that are suitable for undergraduate students in mathematics, and aim to provide students with a glimpse and taste of the kind of mathematics that are done in these areas.

These lectures will be supplemented by informal tutorial sessions where students can interact with the lecturers.

Tutorials on Matlab and LaTex

To facilite participants carry out numberial simulations working on lecture topics and group projects, a 2-hour tutorial will priovide an quick introduction to Matlab and its common functionalities. A 2-hour tutorial on LaTex will provide participants with basic skills useing LaTex to typeset manuscripts and prepare presentation slides.

Time: 15 lectures + 5 tutorial sessions = 40 hours

Problem-Solving Group Projects

Our lecturers will each offer several tantalizing problems in an area of mathematics, to be solved collaboratively by students in groups. Each student group will consist of both Canadian and international students, to facilitate cross-cultural learning and communication. Lecturers and graduate students will be mentors that guide the group projects.

Time: 3 weeks.

Information Sessions

Special information sessions will be held to help participants prepare for graduate applications, and prepare for good powerpoint presentations.