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Short Courses, Special Talks, and Tutorials

Short courses and special talks aimed at introducing some exciting areas of modern mathematics, statistics, artificial inteligence, data science and computing science will be given by our UofA faculty members. This year's line up of instructors include:
  • Professor Arno Berger (Dynamical Systems and Probability Theory)
  • Professor Michael Bowling (Artificial Inteligence, Computing Science)
  • Professor Christoph Frei (Mathematical Finance)
  • Professor Terry Gannon (Conformal Field Theory)
  • Professor Bin Han (Wavelet and Framelet Analysis)
  • Professor Linglong Kong (Statistical Machine Learning)
  • Professor Jochen Kuttler (Algebraic Geometry)
  • Professor Joseph Maciejko (Condensed Matter Theory, Theoretical Physics)
  • Professor Michael Li (Differential Equations and Mathematical Modeling)
  • Professor James Muldowney (Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems)
  • Professor Brendan Pass (Optimal Transport Theory)
  • Professor Arturo Pianzola (Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebra)
  • Professor Jonathan Schaeffer (Artificial Inteligence, Computing Science)
  • Professor Eric Woolgar (Geometric Analysis)
  • Professor Yingfei Yi (Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations)
A list of stimulating problems are given by our lecturers for student group projects (see the Group Projects page). Students will have two weeks to work on the projects and and each group gwill ive a 30-minute presentation towards the end of the program.