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We invite you to participate in the 2021 Chapter of the International Undergraduate Summer Enrichment Program offered by the University of Alberta, July 12 - August 13, 2021 (Edmonton time).

The International Undergraduate Summer Enrichment Program (IUSEP) is designed to provide students with the opportunity to study mathematics and experience campus life at one of Canada's top universities.

The IUSEP program combines classroom learning and tutorial sessions with faculty mentors, guided problem-solving group projects, cross-cultural learning opportunities, with time for social activities, exploration, relaxation and fun!

During this program, in addition to advancement in your mathematical skills and broadening your mathematical horizons, you will also develop skills in: group work, cross-cultural communication, leadership, and public speaking.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and public health restrictions, the 2021 Chapter of the IUSEP program will be offered virtually. While international participants will not be able to travel to the University of Alberta campus, this year's virtual academic program offers an array of lectures in pure mathematics, applied mathematicas, statistics, artificial intelligence, data science and computing science. Participants will also be able to participate in problem-solving group projects working collaboratively on a variety of stimulating problems.


Lectures and Tutorials: Are you wondering what modern mathematics is like? Are you searching for your true passion in mathematics? or are you still trying to decide on which area of mathematics you should pursue for graduate schools?

Our top researchers will give lectures on some exciting areas of modern mathematics. These lectures are given at a level suitable for undergraduate students in mathematics, and aim to provide students with a glimpse and taste of the kind of mathematics that are done in these areas.

These lectures will be supplemented by informal tutorial sessions where students can interact with the lecturers.

Problem-Solving Group Projects: Our lecturers will each offer several stimulating problems in an area of mathematics, to be solved collaboratively by students in groups. Each student group will consist of both Canadian and international students, to facilitate cross-cultural learning and communication. Lecturers and graduate students will be mentors that guide the group projects.


The academic program will consist of 40 contact hours. A letter of participation confirming actual contact hours will be presented to each participant, with evaluations from instructors.


Professors Michael Li and Yingfei Yi
International Undergraduate Summer Enrichment Program (IUSEP)
Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
University of Alberta
myli@ualberta.ca, yingfei@ualberta.ca
www.ualberta.ca/~myli (Dr. Li's URL)
Phone: 1 (780) 492-3396 Fax: 1 (780) 492-6826


Professor Zhongwei Shen
IUSEP Organizer

Organizing Committee