Jason Carey's Research Group

Welcome to the webpage of the team members of the Composite and Biomedical Materials Research Groups.

Ahmed Samir Ead
PhD Candidate

Ahmed Samir Ead is a PhD candidate working in the area of braided composite materials. Having completed his BSc at the American University in Cairo, Samir pursued graduate studies at the University of Alberta. His MSc investigated the creep behaviour of Kevlar braided composites and his PhD work involves yarn twist and it’s impact on the behaviour of these materials. Alongside research, Samir’s passion for teaching has resulted in him receiving several teaching awards. In 2019, he co-instructed a design course with excellent reviews. Outside of university, he manages two YouTube channels, one of which has over 1M subscribers. During his free time, he enjoys reading and working out.

Eric Lepp
PhD Candidate

Eric Lepp graduated with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta in 2015. He entered the U of A’s graduate research program later that same year under the supervision of Dr. Carey, where he currently works towards a Mechanical Engineering PhD. Prior to undertaking graduate studies, Eric collaborated with Dr. Carey, along with Dr. Garrett Melenka and Dr. Nathanial Maeda, as an undergraduate research assistant. At this time, his work focused on digitally reconstructing 3D models of braided composite tubes and pig vertebrae from microCT images, segmenting their distinct features, and identifying key aspects of their geometry. His current thesis-based research uses stereo DIC to compare the evolution of surface strain at different regions along Kevlar/epoxy tubular braided composites as they are loaded to failure in static and dynamic tension, with the goal of identifying where, how, and under what circumstances such structures progressively degrade. Outside of research, Eric is a fourth-degree black belt in karate who loves to play video games, watch hockey, ski, snowboard, and windsurf.