Jason Carey's Research Interests

My research interest are quite varied and I find that very exciting as one area leads into the next. Here is a sample of what we have done over the years.

Composite Materials

  • Biomedical and biomechanical design
  • Theoretical prediction and experimental measurement of properties
  • Braided composites
  • Rebar technology
  • Sustainable developments in composite materials, green composites

Orthodontics Research

  • Theoretical research on periodontal and maxillary suture mechanics
  • Theoretical prediction and experimental measurement of properties
  • Image analysis and processing
  • Appliance design

Myoelectric training Tool Research

  • Development of a myoelectric training tool for upper arm amputees
  • Improving learning control mechanisms
  • Adapting technology to game controls

Tissue Mechanics Research

  • Experimental measurement and theoretical prediction biological tissue properties
  • Prosthesis design and in situ experimental testing of prototypes will also be undertaken
  • Development of artificial muscles and other medical equipment
  • Composite material interaction with biological systems

Biomechanical Engineering Research

  • Design of a composite golf shaft
  • Biomedical instrumentation design
  • Sports biomechanics
  • Spine technology research and scoliosis

My general research interests are in the areas of composite and biological materials mechanics, biomedical engineering design, biomechanics of orthodontic treatment and orthodontic imaging, tissue mechanics and sports and injury biomechanics.

Research Facilities

The Composite and Biomedical Materials Research lab is one of, if not the only, Canadian University research facility with the capability of producing braided medical catheters. Production facilities are located in the Mechanical Engineering Building, we are custodians of a bio-level 2 testing wetlab in the National Institute for Nanotechnology building and the most advance Orthodontic Biomechanics research facility located at the Katz building.