Jason Carey's Collaborators/Partners

To deliver the best possible learning and research growth environment to my students as well as make ground breaking advances, my group collaborates with a number of experts in various fields on projects spanning cardiovascular treatment to golf biomechanics. The following lists major collaborators and some of the projects currently underway. These experts bring an unmatched level of interdisciplinary knowledge and experience that creates an environment that fosters innovation.

Composite materials

  • Dr Ayranci, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Composite materials
  • Dr David Nobes, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imaging technology
  • Dr Garrett Melenka, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Composite materials


  • Dr Chris Dennison, Department of Mechanical Engineering, sensor technology and biomechanics
  • Dr Larry Kostiuk, Department of Mechanical Engineering, intra-calvarium fluid flow and implant modeling
  • Dr Brian Fleck, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Laurier Fagnan, Faculte St-Jean, Vocal modeling
  • Dr Raboud, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tissue biomechanics
  • Dr Emery, Faculty of Medicine, Neuro Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology, Development of catheters, cardiovascular imaging

Orthodontics (Orthodontic Biomechanics Testing & Development Group)

  • Dr Major, Chair Dentistry, Orthodontic treatment simulation, imaging in orthodontics, measurement of in-situ and in vitro wire and brackets
  • Dr Romanyk, Dentistry and Medicine
  • Dr Boulanger, Department of Computer Science
  • Dr Manuel Lagravere, Dentistry and Medicine, Clinical Imaging

Spinal research

  • Dr Greg Kawchuk, CRC, Faculty of Rehabilitation, Spine research
  • Dr Nathaniel Maeda, Faculty of Rehabilitation, R&D for education and health care
  • Mr Raso, Research and Engineering Department, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, Knee, spine, golf biomechanics

Myoelectric training tool

  • Dr Patrick Pilarski, Computing Sciences, Reinforced learning
  • Dr Jackie Hebert, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital