Jason Carey's Research Facilities

Composite and Biomedical Materials Facilities

The CBMF is a state-of-the-art research facility, supported by years of training and expertize. It is located In the Mechanical Engineering Building in rooms MecE 6-023 and 5-31. See our brochure.

Biolab Facilities

The wet lab is located in room 6-071 of the National Institute of Nanotechnology Building, 11421 Saskatchewan Drive, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. The wet lab is rated for human tissue testing (Biohazard class 2); Safety and cleaning procedures must be followed to prevent injuries and contamination. The spacious lab has large work and dissection counters. Two fume hoods, two chemical storage units as well as two acid storage units, and refrigeration unit are available to users. Compressed gases are also available. We have a number of testing equipment (not all shown) that mets for research needs. Our use of imaging technology to assess material properties is the state of the art.