Laframboise, Donna


From:††††††††††††† Louise

Sent:†††††††††††††† Friday, March 23, 2001 13:56

To:†††††††††††††††††† donna laframboise

[As indicated by the date and content here, the reporter copied the email she'd sent me to Ms. Malenfant, on the

same day and close to the time she sent it to me. That the reporter also forwarded my prior e-mail to her to Ms. Malenfant is also clear to me, for only later did I myself send it anywhere else but to Senator Cools' office.]--->



Dear Donna:


How powerful and insightful your questions are. I am really humbled by††††††† how able you are to grasp even the mlnutest and finest insight Into this ugly situation. You have confirmed my belief that there is only one reporter who could see and do this story.


Heís going to start crying when he sees your questions.


I would like to formally respond to the following comments made by Mr.

Christensen:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† [Next]

†††† [Tim] Adams had no real interest in being vice president of ECMAS; he

made the decision suddenly, at the AGM, In an attempt to thwart a bid for

power by Louise. (There was really no danger, but he didnít know the full

story at the time. Having alienated nearly all of the regular ECMAS

activists, she took a few non-regulars and a couple of never-were-members and a

couple of alienated members with her hoping to grab some power. in large part,

what she is doing now is revenge over her rejection by the main body of

activists here.


It is suggested that my attendance at the March election meeting of ecmas was ďa bid for power by Louise! May I just say that I knew I was walking†††† into a hostile environment, and I had one goal in mind which I told several people. My goal was a last ditch effort to see someone take the helm of ecmas who would be willing to address the FerreI/[Tim] Adams problems. Though I had identified a candidate who indicated similar concerns about these issues, I did not seek power to myself in the election. In truth, I do not want to be associated with ecmas. What I did was ask my supporters,††††† eight of them, to come to the election, buy a membership if they did not†† have one, and vote for this candidate. Rather than seeking power, my hope was that I could rescue the good name of ecmas, by helping someone get into office who would deal with the situation. I knew better than anyone that it was very dangerous to allow Mr. Christensen and Mr. Adams to represent the falsely accused to the system at large.


Having alienated nearly all of the regular ECMAS

activists, she took a few non-regulars and a couple of never-were-members and a couple of alienated members with her hoping to grab some power.

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It is sad that Mr. Christensen would dismiss the fact that [the aunt], [the son/nephew] and his mother, [the grandmother], had been active members of the†††††††† family rights movement, and dedicated members of Ferrelís groups, for about††††††††††† two years. [One of the places where Ms. Malenfant mentioned my MERGE committees to the reporter (though the son/nephew did not ever attend them).]†††††††††††††††† [Next]

†††††††††††††††††††† I made no secret that I hoped to buy some memberships prior

to the election, so perhaps that was my big mistake. I should have been more sneaky, and perhaps no one would have known my intentions. [This is from an e-mail (copied to the reporter) from Malenfant to Source A's girlfriend. Next, one from her to Malenfant:] [Next]


I had known that the two monthly meetings prior to this one were attended by††††††††††† 6 people in January and 8 people in February, so I had hoped that the same†† apathy would endure at tis election. With all of Ferrelís old cases [As noted elsewhere, this fabrication about my "cases"--whatever she meant by the word--being present is disprovable by the AGM minutes; all present were quite regular attendees except those she brought. (And those attendance numbers are way off (she was not at either monthly meeting); February's minutes show 14 attendees.)]††† and the†††††† diehard members, they came up with 23 votes to my 8 (+2 assuming thecandidates I supported voted for themselves). I knew it was hopeless when†††††††††††††† I saw that [Tim] Adams was standing for office, but did complete the†††††††††††††† exercise in what I thought was honourable democratic fashion.


It is true that I have alienated the entire 23 members of the ecmas merge†††††††††††† gief contingent in Edmonton. [Her claim of only 23 in MERGE and ECMAS was evidently invented to match ECMAS AGM (more on which shortly) numbers.] First Ferrel, a month after I got here,††††††††††† subsequent to which several members were torn between us, all 7 of them,†††††††† then ecmas, when I became somewhat adamnant about Ferrelís book and [Tim] Adams legal advice. [As discussed later, she never complained to ECMAS--just to the president, who ignored her--about either matter until she got the reporter to attack. Dislike of her was widespread long before then, but that attack raised massive anger.] [Back]†††††††

But before that happened, I walked away from the whole mess, and wanted nothing to do with this anymore. My thoughts††††††† changed, however, when Ferrelís book was brought to my attention, which††††† helped me to understand that in Ferrelís eyes, a falsely accused person is no††† more persecuted than the person who has sex with children. [Back] Based on the philosophy of his book, I now understood why he had so many strange,††††††† abberant cases around him mixed in with the falsely accused. And I felt†††††††††††††† very strongly that this now became a public safety issue, and I could not†††††††††††††† call myself a family advocate if I did not do something to protect the†††††††††††††† helpless and desperate people of the family court. I donít mind saying that††††††††††† this is very difficult, that I have regretted and then renewed my decision to††††††††††††† do something probably a hundred times. Somehow, I cannot help but come††††††† back to the belief that I am not a family advocate, if I do nothing. That is†††††††††††††† why I have marshalled all my courage, and stood in front of this; ultimately,†††††††††††††† I know that no one else has the strength it takes to get the job done.


I donít want any power, I want ecmas to be healthy like it used to be, before††††††† Bob Bouvierís presidency drove it into the ground, allowing strange forces to overtake the good name of ecmas. Anyone who thinks I am motivated††††††††††††††††††† by vengence just do not know how difficult this has been on a personal level.


††† You know, I always tell people, If you are innocent then Iím your man, but if

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you are guilty , run like the wind. It is not my job to hide problems, on the††††† contrary, I shine an intense light on the situation so that the truth will†††††††††††††††††

come out. I have told the leadership of ecmas for a month now that I will

not keep their dirty secrets for them, and I will not condone the continuing††††

services of Ferrel Christensen or [Tim] Adams to be provided to the family community. [It was a brief mention to the leader a month ago, not complaints to the whole leadership "for a month" (though she may also have spoken to the Calgary president back then). As evidence on the matter, consider: of three dozen emails by her that she forwarded to the reporter, none were copies of complaints to ECMAS' leaders or members--other than that one to the president--until after she got the reporter to attack us. Given what a prolific emailer she was and how many emails she copied to the reporter, where is that month's-worth of complaints? [Back] I wish I had never met Ferrel Christensen, but God brought me†††††††† here for a reason, and I think this must be it. The desperate people of†††††††††††††† family court donít know this, but I am trying to help them now, by ensuring††††††††††† that they will not be dragged into this sordid mess in the future. It IS my††††††††††††† duty, and I will not let them down.


††† Thank you.


††† Louise Malenfant

††† Family Advocate

††† Parents Helping Parents, Edmonton


PS: This is strictly confidential and must never be public, but my favorite†††††††† bohunk mule headed client in Winnipeg got the CFS to cough up $20,000!!!!!††††† And heís still bitching:)I was ready to quite at 12 thou.























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