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Of course, the grandma's name is [name omitted, as explained elsewhere].


Something else you might find interesting.  I am told that a local

journalist [name deleted--the attributed story is false] once took a class with

Ferrel at the U of A.  I am told that this fellow alleges that Ferrel would

frequently bring up his views on pornography, one of his favorite

observations being that since the representations of women in porn is so

much more frequent then men, this is obviously evidence that society is

biased...against men!. Apparently, he would get worked up into a tizzy on

this. [It seems no false tale was absurd enough to make the reporter question her ally's credibility. Having read the chapter in my book where I discuss gender equality, the reporter might at least have asked herself why, if I was indeed so "worked up" with the insane reasoning this one attributes to me, I didn't use that reasoning in the book--FC]  

[Name deleted] might be interesting to talk to...

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Thank you for everything. Could you tell grandma's name?





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> Hello Donna,


> This might interest you. I have a grandmother whose son is having access

> difficulties who is a former member of Ferrel's group.[Another place where mention of activity in my group plainly told the reporter of the need to distinguish its activities from those of ECMAS. The role of this grandmother and her sister in the lawsuit events will be discussed later.] [Back]

         Anyway, [first name] says

> that for the two years she was a member, Ferrel was always asking them to

> fire their lawyer, hire  Adams to prepare their documents, and

> represent themselves. [first name] says he would get quite angry with them    [Absolutely false--and never said in either sister's interview, despite their later extreme anger with me.]  when

> they didn't and became very demanding about it as time went by. She can

> be reached at [xxx-xxxx], but if you wanted to talk to her at night, she is

> at [yyy-yyyy]. She is very cool, and is willing to talk to you. She is

> furious about ferrel's views on childhood sex, and is quiting the group

> because of it.



> Louise