From:           Louise

Sent:             Wednesday, March 14, 2001 12:25

To:                donna laframboise

Subject:        Fw: your classy comments

[For reasons given elsewhere, certain names and other identifiers are replaced in these documents by descriptions within brackets, descriptions whose significance is seen from the account in My Case. (Where first names only are used, they are sometimes replaced by 'FN'.) ]



This is an email exchange with [the girlfriend], a very bright, attractive, hard working and committed young lady, who was beaten for the vice- president job by [Tim] Adams at the ecmas election on March 12 (phone [xxx-xxxx]), The [FN] she refers to is the young, handsome, well spoken hotshot I supported for new president, [Source A]. They would have

made gorgeous spokespeople for the family rights community. [FN]’s number is [yyy-yyyy]. I am not going to tell them you might be calling, so conduct yourself accordingly.  If they are willing though, try to get a picture - they’re gorgeous. (also, both divorced, [FN] is not accused of anything, but wants to be an equal parent, while [FN] is a friendly parent, making sure her daughter has open access to her father.) They are real poster kids, unlike the latest vice president and his Chamberlainesque  re-elected Pres Bob Bouvier. Bouvier’s number is 988-4015. I have a friend tracking down a number for [Tim] Adams - he isn’t in the book.




Oh, by the way, Link Byfield just called me (he thinks i’m cool, by the way), and I ran by him the fact that the Post was “sniffing around” on the ecmas election piece. He has no problem with it, but said his story will only be coming out next Friday, March 22. Gives you lots of juicy time, too, as the ecmas election will be a minor part of Marnie’s column. The focus Link wants in her column is the normalization of pedophillia taking place in Ferrel’s book, and also the Sharpe argument, etc. Link sees the value of your interest, so let’s rock and roll. This email chain occurred on the night of the election, afterwards.     ['Marnie' refers to Marnie Ko, a writer for The Report. On this same day, Ms. Malenfant forwarded to the reporter that e-mail of hers to Ms. Ko]                                                                                                                     [Back]



PS:   can’t wait to see the Hilton column.


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From: Louise

To:    [Source A and his girlfriend]

Sent: Monday, March 12, 2001 9:08 PM


 Hi guys,


Well that was a pretty disappointing result today; I don’t understand why  there were 33 votes case for pres but only 29 for vice pres. I find it shocking that the disbarred lawyer is now the vice pres - what a target.


That is it for me, I’ll have nothing to do with an organization that allows    these types to rise to positions of leadership. I won’t be keeping ecmas secrets either, if anyone asks why I am revolted, they will hear the       answer.


Take it easy, and stay in touch.





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From: [the girlfriend]

  To: Louise

Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2001 12:43 AM

Subject: Re:


Hi Louise

Thanks for your words. I am feeling a bit confused by where people want to see ECMAS go. From the looks of things....not too far too quickly, sadly.


I am glad that you were there tonight and that you brought so many people with you. It was just amazing to see you walk in there with a group of people. I admire your strength Louise. You came and went with dignity!!!!!

[They both came in and went out all in a group.]                                             ------>

I know [FN] was going to call you when I left him tonight, so you are probably still talking with him now. It is hard to say where this group is headed, but there is no direction for advancement at this stage of the game.


I look forward to talking with you soon. Take care and, thanks for the votes tonight! If you hadn’t been there with your people, it would have been a landslide. How pathetic, huh?

        [FN] :)                                                                                                      

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From: Louise

To: [the girlfriend]

Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2001 5:50 AM

Subject:           Re: your classy comments


Dear [FN],                                                      


I think you are a very classy lady, with an excellent communication style,   and you would have given ecmas a vice president they could be proud of. The vice president they have now will be a humiliation, and probably, he means the downfall of ecmas. I nearly choked when [Tim] Adams announced himself during his speech as one of the “falsely accused”, [referring to his divorce] when the fact is, he pleaded guilty to having sex with his 16 year old client. 

My skin literally crawls at the notion that he will be deciding services and   representing to the system any issues on behalf of the falsely accused. No.

As for the votes I tried to bring you, and my little gang, well, it was money well spent to at least attempt to rescue the history of ecmas.   [Next]       In allowing

[Tim] Adams to stand beside him as vice president, I wonder how Bob Bouvier will feel in the months to come. I have no intention of keeping these secrets for ecmas, or anyone else, for that matter. You see, it is a real abomination to me.


I find It an oddity that FerreI Christensen would attend support meetings every week, like church, literally dictate terms regarding its policies, yet,       he has not even bought a membership in ecmas. How plastic, that is. It is classic behaviour of a person who “does not want to leave tracks”, and I wonder, how can he legitimately speak at every meeting and at every opportunity, and therefore act as a board member of ecmas, yet still not   take out membership. It is dishonourable, in my view, to hold such an influential position in an organization while deliberately, and eligitimately, pretending that you are not a member. Jiggs Haiden may once again be the chairman of the Support Group Committee (of one), but Ferrel Christensen calls the shots. I also noted that Ferrel also formed a small political party,    as I saw many of his old cases around who never attend ecmas meetings buying memberships to vote, so he also influenced the outcome of the election, while he himself could not cast a vote. That is dishonourable,

[Having herself gone to only two member-meetings, Ms. Malenfant had no idea which people "never attend ecmas meetings". This attempt to pin on me the sort of thing she did is disproved by the names in the AGM minutes. Also, if I'd had any such intent, surely I'd have gotten MERGE members not in ECMAS to attend that ECMAS AGM. Yet out of MERGE's eight board members--named in province-registered records--only two who were also active in ECMAS (Bill Miller and I) did attend the AGM. As for her fabrication about my  "old cases", it isn't even possible to fathom whom she might be referring to.]

I also do not understand why there were 33 votes cast (22 for Bouvier, 11 for [Source A]), but there were only 29 counted for vice-president (15 for Adams, 14 for [girlfriend]). The weird voting irregularities made the process a

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laughingstock, but to be honest, I knew going out in this effort that it would 

[See notes in Minutes-ECMAS AGM.htm for the simple explanation of the "irregularities". Ironically, it was LM's motion for a secret ballot--designed to cover her machinations--that resulted in the reason not being clear to her at the time. But [girlfriend] was told it when she later called the new secretary.]

be an uphill battle. I felt I had to try because of the long and honourable father’s rights movement that once existed in the city of Edmonton. And  while I never believe I will fail in any initiative, it was difficult to believe            it this time, because I knew what we were up against. It’s not over, though, [FN]; I think it has really just begun. That it has come to this is truly sad,    but I can not in good conscience allow this merry band of 25 people to be the only service available to the desperate people of family court. It is an abomination in my eyes, and degrades the walking wounded who are already experiencing a nightmare of catastrophic proportions. Ecmas will only add    to that nightmare, and I cannot let it continue, end of discussion.


In your memo, you note that I am strong. Yes, I feel a tremendous strength  to deal with this problem, because I am trying to speak for all the     screaming voices who do not have an advocate, vulnerable prey to the likes of this organization. My soul literally sings with duty to the people caught       in the family courts of this country, and I will not walk away from this, no matter what it takes. I am afraid, though, so don’t let me do it alone.


Yours truly,


Louise Malenfant

Family Advocate

Parents Helping Parents, Edmonton











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