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This page consists of a selection of Canadian resources considered helpful for understanding Internet access issues. Every effort has been made to identify a range of information.

As this site is constantly being developed and expanded, feedback on recommended sites or new policies is always welcome and should be emailed to Dr. Alvin M. Schrader.

Alberta Teachers' Association (ATA)

"Effective Use of the Internet," in Position Paper: Technology and Educational Change. 1999, rev. 2004.

Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP)

Code of Conduct. 1996.

Canadian Committee to Protect Journalists (CCPJ)

Cozac. David. Internet Censorship Report: The Challenges for Free Expression On-Line. 1998.

Canadian Library Association (CLA)

CLA Statement on Information and Telecommunication Access Principles. 1994.

CLA Statement on Intellectual Freedom. 1974, rev. 1983, rev. 1985.

CLA Statement on Internet Access. 1997, rev. 2000.

Internet Service in Public Libraries - A Matter of Trust (also available in pdf). 2000.

Net Safe; Net Smart: Managing & Communicating About the Internet in the Library 

Electronic Frontier Canada (EFC)

Electronic Frontier Canada

Freedom to Read

Freedom to Read

Industry Canada

Illegal and Offensive Content on the Internet: The Canadian Strategy to Promote Safe, Wise and Responsible Internet Use. 2000. (Connecting Canadians - Guide to Safe Internet Use)

LibraryNet (English and French)

Racicot, Michel, Mark S. Hayes, Alec R. Szibbo, and Pierre Trudel. The Cyberspace is not a "No Law Land": A Study of the Issues of Liability for Content Circulating on the Internet. Ottawa, Ontario: Industry Canada. 1997.


Justice Canada

Canada. Department of Justice. Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Part 1. Constitution Act, 1982.

Media Awareness Network

Acceptable Use Policies for Internet Use (Schools)

Canada's Children in a Wired World: The Parents' View -Key Findings. See also, Canada's Children In A Wired World: The Parents' View. Final Report. Industry Canada. March 2000.

Internet Use Policy: Web Awareness for Librarians

Web Awareness Canada: An Overview (English and French)

Web Awareness for Teachers 

Young Canadians in a Wired World: The Students' View. October 2001.

Ontario Library and Information Technology Association (OLITA)

Internet Access Toolkit

Research and Commentary

Ahmad, Nyla. CyberSurfer: The OWL Internet Guide for Kids.. Toronto: Greey de Pencier Books, 1996.

Butcher, Don. "Presentation to Ottawa Public Library Board, April 14, 2003."

Curry, Ann. What Are Public Library Customers Viewing on the Internet?: An Analysis of Burnaby Transaction Logs. 2000[?].

Freedom to Read Week Kit. Annual Freedom to Read Week Kit

           Pertinent Articles from Past Issues:

Kantner, Ronald. Legal Issues Resulting from Internet Use in Public Libraries. (Also in Feliciter 1, 2000: 18-19.)

Lefebvre, Arlette and Brian Hills. Taking Your Kids Online: How and When to Introduce Children to the Internet. Toronto: McGraw-Hill, 1999.

"Libraries and the Internet Toolkit." Teacher Librarian 29.5 (June 2002): 58-60. Excerpt from the ALA online guide: Libraries and the Internet Toolkit.

LibraryNet Connectivity Survey. 2000.

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Morton, Elizabeth. "What Are Public Library Customers Really Viewing on the Internet?" Feliciter 1, 2001: 20-21.

Oder, Norman. "Internet Battles Quieter in Canada." Library Journal 126 (2001): 18-19.

Perrin, Jacquie. " Do Internet Filters Work?" CBC Marketplace. Producer: Richard Wright. Researcher: Colman Jones. Broadcast: 22 October, 2002.

Racicot, Michel, Mark S. Hayes, Alec R. Szibbo, and Pierre Trudel. The Cyberspace is Not a "No Law Land": A Study of the Issues of Liability for Content Circulating on the Internet. Ottawa, Ontario: Industry Canada. 1997.

Schrader, Alvin. M. Internet Filters: Library Access Issues in a Cyberspace World. Presentation, 65th IFLA Council and General Conference, FAIFE (Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression) Committee, August 25, 1999, Bangkok, Thailand.

Schrader, Alvin. M. "Cyberspeech and Cybersafety: Intellectual Freedom Issues for Canadian Librarians in a Cyberspace World." In Understanding Telecommunications and Public Policy: A Guide for Libraries. Eds. Karen Adams and William F. Birdsall. Ottawa: CLA and School of Library and Information Studies, Dalhousie University, 1998. 71-96.

Schrader, Alvin. M. Technology and the Politics of Choice: Information Literacy, Critical Thinking and Intellectual Freedom. A presentation to "ODYSSEY 2002—Bending the Light: Powerful Learning", a conference for K-12 educators and administrators, Kananaskis, Alberta, 15 March 2002. Learning Resources Council, 2002.

Shade, Leslie Regan. "Protecting the Kids?: Debates Over Internet Content." In Civic Discourse and Cultural Politics in Canada: A Cacophony of Voices. Eds. Sherry Devereaux Ferguson and Leslie Regan Shade. London: Ablex, 2002. 76-87.

Theall, Donald F. "Canada, Censorship, and the Internet." In Interpreting Censorship in Canada. Eds. Klaus Petersen and Allan C. Hutchinson. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1999. 241-67.

Young Canadians in a Wired World. Research Initiative. Industry Canada. 2000.

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