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Rapidly increasing use of the Internet by library users in all sectors of Canadian library and information services during recent years has been accompanied by the adoption of policies and procedures to control and monitor access to content. Internet access creates many new problems and challenges for librarians in striking an acceptable balance between open access for all and appropriate access for special classes of users; access for employees and for minors and children pose special issues in policy development.

Internet access policies, variously described as Internet policies, Internet use policies, and Internet usage policies, stipulate the conditions under which library users are permitted to access Internet resources and their rights and responsibilities. For a more exhaustive list of terminology relating to Internet access policies, see the section below: Internet Access Policies: Variant Terminology.

In order to respond quickly and effectively to these new problems and challenges, librarians need timely access to information about current Internet access policies in other Canadian libraries. It is particularly difficult to maintain a database of such policies in a milieu of rapidly advancing Web technology, and librarians need readily accessible current models and resources for guidance.

This site serves as a central clearinghouse and directory of Canadian Internet access policies for librarians engaged in developing or reviewing their own strategies and policy elements. It also provides links to resources and background information. It is hoped that this site will be used as a resource for research and policy development.

Site Update: Fall 2006

This Internet Access Policies website underwent a comprehensive update in the Fall of 2006. During the process of updating the site, many of the links to Internet access policies were found to be broken. Forty-four percent, or 110 of the 252 Internet access policy links, had become inactive or had changed web addresses since the site was last updated in the Winter of 2004. The percentage of broken Internet access policy links by category of library were as follows:

Post-Secondary Libraries: 47%, or 34 of the original 73 links.
Public Libraries: 42%, or 41 of the original 97 links.
School Libraries: 43%, or 35 of the original 82 links.

Seven links, or 18%, of the 38 links to Canadian research and resources on Internet access were also found to be broken.

A project was undertaken to track down the new URLs for the broken Internet access policies. As a result of this process, some obsolete links have been removed from the website, while other links to new Internet access policies have been added. One example of a new URL that has been added to the website is the link to the District Policies Database for the British Columbia School Trustees Association, a searchable database that includes Internet Use policies by School District.

As of February 2007, there are 241 active links to Canadian Internet access policies provided on this site:

Post-Secondary Libraries: 73 Internet access policies.
Public Libraries: 96 Internet access policies.
School Libraries: 72 Internet access policies.

There are also forty-three active links to Canadian resources on Internet access.

Internet Access Policies: Variant Terminology

Acceptable Usage for Computing Services
Acceptable Use Agreement
Acceptable Use Conditions & Connections
Acceptable Use of Information Technology
Acceptable Use of the Wide Area Network and the Internet
Acceptable Use Policy
Access and Use of the Residence Network Facilities
Access to Online Learning Resources
Appropriate Use of Computing Facilities
Appropriate Use of District Technology
Appropriate Use of Information Technology
Appropriate Use Policy
Code of Conduct for Computer and Network Users
Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Regulations
Computer and Internet Use Policy
Computer and Network Users Code of Conduct
Computer Network Acceptable Use
Computer Policy
Computer Services
Computer System and Network Usage Policy
Computer Technology
Computer User Code of Ethics
Computing Acceptable Use Policy
Computing Policies
Computing Policies
Computing Privileges Policy
Conditions of Use
Conduct Regarding Electronic Mail and Other University Information Resources
Guidelines for the Use of Technology Resources
Guidelines for Use of Information Technology
Information Technology Access
Information Technology Acceptable Use Procedure
Information Technology Usage
Internet Access & Appropriate Use Policy
Internet Access and Network Citizenship
Internet Access Policy
Internet and Email Acceptable Use Protocol
Internet Code of Ethics
Internet Policy
Internet Terms of Use Statement
Local Policies for Responsible Computing
Network and Communications Services Code of Conduct
Network and Computing Policy
Policy and Procedure on the Fair Use of Information Resources
Policy on Computing and Information Technology Facilities
Policy on the Use of Public Internet Access Computers
Policy on Use of Computers and Computer Related Technology
Principles in the Use of Information Technology
Public Access Workstation Policy
Public Computer Workstation Use Policy
Public Workstation Policy
Responsible and Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources
Responsible Computer Usage
Rules for Internet Use
Statement of Appropriate Use of Information Technology, Facilities and Services
Student Computing Resources Acceptable Use Policy
Technology and the Use of Technology
Terms of Use
Use of Internet
Use of the Public PC's (Personal Computers)
User Code of Conduct for Computing Resources

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