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Directory of Internet Access Policies of Canadian Libraries in the Public Sector

The increasing use of the Internet by Canadian library users has been accompanied by the development and adoption of policies and procedures to control and monitor access.

This Web site identifies Web-accessible Internet access policies that have been adopted by Canadian librarians in the public, school, and post-secondary library sectors.

It is hoped that the directory will reduce the time and effort needed to find comparable resources and models for local policy development and critical evaluation. For further information on the development of this site, see Project Background.

The site is organized into the following categories:

Post-Secondary Libraries

Public Libraries

School Libraries

Canadian Resources

This Web site is no longer active; it was last updated September 1, 2009. Any questions or comments regarding this Web site can be e-mailed to: Dr. Alvin M. Schrader.

This site was developed by Joel MacKeen (MLIS 01) and Dr. Alvin M. Schrader and is maintained by Dr. Alvin M. Schrader. Site content has been added, revised and updated at various times by Sandra Anderson (MLIS 03), Michael Brundin (MLIS 98), Alexis Gaston (MLIS 04), Michelle Whitehead (MLIS 06), Jody Nelson (MLIS 08), and Richard Hayman (MLIS 09).

The development of this Web site was funded in part by a research grant from the Standing Committee on Research and Development of the Canadian Library Association (CLA). We would also like to acknowledge the School of Library and Information Studies for computer, office and administrative support in the development of this Web site. 

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