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Affordable Student Housing (ASH)
Alberta In Kyoto Investigation Group
Anti-Capitalist Edmonton (ACE)
Citizens for Peaceful Communities (CPC)
Coalition Against War and Racism (CAWAR)
Edmonton Small Press Association (ESPA)
Fait Accomplit
FUSS Feminist Collective
House of Mother Earth (HOME)
Just Java
Lal, new media collective
The Olive
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Students for Indian Development
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Fait Accomplit

Fait Accomplit is a biannual creative/critical literary journal produced by U of A's Comparative Literature Association. Our goal is to provide a forum for the publication of new writers and artists. Fait Accomplit publishes poetry, short stories, essays and art in all styles and of all schools, in any language. Our primary focus is to discover and encourage writeres from the University of Alberta, but we certainly are not restricted to the University.