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Program Ideas - women cross country skiingThese tips will help your leaders maximize participation in organized physical activity programs for older adults.

Some program ideas for your physical activity program leaders:

  • Offer a variety of options for the active, inactive and frail older adult.

  • Adapt a sport or game for those who are not interested in a “fitness class.”

  • Collaborate with local schools to use their halls, gym space and outdoor tracks and fields. This collaboration also increases the intergenerational activity options.

What can you do if you don’t have a leader who specializes in physical activity for older adults?

Organized, leader-driven opportunities are only a small part of what can make up an active lifestyle.

Keep in mind that the ideas in the other sections (i.e., in the built environment, policy, transportation and local businesses sections) can also promote informal and individual participation in physical activity by community members.

Some program ideas for communities without physical activity program leaders:

  • Encourage people to call a neighbour or friend to walk or be active together.

  • Propose that a local coffee shop offer deals for people meeting after a walk.

  • Suggest that your local newspaper produce a weekly section with physical activity ideas for older adults.

  • Ask permission from local land owners to groom a cross-country skiing trail. Put up signs for ski trail routes and ungroomed snowshoe routes.

  • Host “activity bees,” e.g., wood cutting, trail maintenance, a litter pick-up party. These events would benefit everyone in your community.

Find Out More

  • Be Fit for Life Centre: Connect with a local Be Fit for Life Centre or health-promotion staff at your health region for information about active living options in your community.

  • United Generations Ontario: This website offers ideas for developing intergenerational active living opportunities in your community.

  • Walk This Way (Physical Activity Resource Centre): Walk This Way offers a self-help program to help people aged 20 to 64. This program will help people begin and stick to a walking program to increase their physical activity and prevent a stroke.

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