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Built environment - couple bikingAn environment that supports physical activity encourages people to make active choices more easily. Removing barriers makes the active choice the easy choice.

Some ideas for the built environment:

  • Ask the high school industrial arts class or a local welding company to build benches and bike racks on trails or outside town stores.

  • Install signs on trail routes that show the distances between major points as well as signs to remind drivers to watch for pedestrians or cyclists.

  • Build wide sidewalks within town (on both sides of the street) and to all facilities.

  • Construct trails to your rural community hall, lake, river, school or other popular destination.

  • Improve access to parks. Make sure that people of all ages and abilities can use community parks. Parks are not just for kids anymore.

  • Improve access to, into and around buildings and services for people who are walking or wheeling.

  • Consider people walking and biking when you’re planning road maintenance and traffic controls. Increase ways to cross the highway or road safely.

  • Build community gardens with raised beds for people of all abilities to use.

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