Tu Bishvat (The Trees' Birthday):
Stories about Honi Ha'Meagel

Dr. Nurit Reshef

The following material is reproduced with permission from "Pass the Torah, Please: Jewish Leaders from Mattathias to Saadia" by Cheri Ellowitz Silver. Copyright 1990 by A.R.E. Publishing, Inc, 6708 E. 47th Avenue Drive, Denver, CO 80216. Contact info@arepublish.com or visit www.arepublish.com

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What is Tu Bishvat?

Tu Bishvat is the Fifteenth day in the Jewish month of Shvat. It was once merely the last date of the tax year for the produce of the tree. Any fruit ripening after Tu Bishvat was to be assessed for tithing only for the following tax season. Today Tu Bishvat is celebrated as the Birthday of the trees with a symbolic eating of fruits and with active redemption of barren land by planting trees. People express their ecological concerns and their desire to reconnect themselves to nature.

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