Tu Bishvat/Honi Ha'Meagel Quiz

Questions: 1 - 3

1. Why did the people ask Honi to do the praying 
   for them?

    a. They did not have anything better to do.
    b. Honi was well known as a miracle maker.
    c. They did not know how to pray themselves.

2.  Why did the people want him to pray for rain?

    a. They wanted to cool off.
    b. They were thirsty.
    c. They had been suffering from a terrible drougt.

3.  Some Rabbis say that God did not answer Honi's prayer 
    the first time because Honi was direspectful. Why would 
    the Rabbis say that?

    a. Honi was arrogant and a little too self-assured. 
    b. The rabbis did not understand what Honi really said.
    c. The rabbis did not hear Honi very well.

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