Tu Bishvat/Honi Ha'Meagel Quiz

Questions: 4 - 6

4.  The next time Honi asked, God did bring rain. What is 
    different about the second prayer?

    a. God did not hear Honi the first time.
    b. He asked on behalf of the people rather than just 
       demanding it.
    c. Honi did not speak clearly the first time.

5.  Who wrote the history of the Jews in the first Century?  

    a. Aristobulus.
    b. Amir.
    c. Josephus.

6.  What is the purpose of an "Aggadah"?

    a. To help the reader kill time.
    b. To impart knowledge in an interesting way.
    c. To teach a moral or a Jewish ideal.

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