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School of Business

University of Alberta

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Costs and Benefits of the High-Performance Work System

Gordon Betcherman, Norm Leckie, Kathryn McMullen & Christina Caron. 1994. The Canadian Workplace in Transition. Page, 97.

Yonatan Reshef
School of Business
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta

Management Efficiency Gains

Lower Turnover

Better employee-employer relations

Potential for a better bottom line

Greater Investment in training

Has to share information

Has to share decision-making

Loss of status and power

Workers Access to information

Participation in Decision making

Discretion over work processes

Enhanced employability

Support for family responsibilities

No guarantee of job security

Need for greater commitment to the organization

Some compensation based on performance

Greater job responsibility

Too much challenge

Unions Affirmation of an independent voice for workers

Access to information

Input into range of workplace issues

Should take positions on work organization

Move away from job-control unionism

Should get involved in workplace decision making

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