Research Interests

My research interests are centered on cement-based materials (e.g., shotcrete and grout) and geothermal modeling. In addition, I have extended interests in the control of mine dust in surface mining. All graduate students (HQP: high qualified personnel) have been guaranteed research projects with clear scopes and objectives. Some of the research projects are listed as below:

1. Developing cement-based materials

Scope: Developing cementitious materials (e.g., shotcrete, grout, and backfill) and conducting related numerical modeling to understand the behavior of these new materials.

An Alberta Grant (Cement; 2018-2019); HQP: One PhD

An NSERC Discovery Grant (Cement + Geothermal; 2017-2022); HQP: One PhD

A Sustainability Scholar Program (Cement; 2017-2017); HQP: One PhD

An NSERC Engage Grant (Cement; 2016-2017); HQP: One PhD

2. Geothermal modeling

Scope: Modeling the thermomechanical behavior of geosystem

An NSERC Engage Grant (Geothermal; 2018-2019); HQP: One MSc

An Alberta Grant (Geothermal; 2018-2019); HQP: One MSc

A Federal Government Grant (Geothermal; 2018-2021); HQP: One PDF (postdoc fellow) and one PhD

An NSERC CRD Grant (Geothermal; 2018-2021); HQP: Three PhD and one MSc

3. Mine dust

Scope: Dust control in surface mining

An industry project (Dust; 2015-2017); HQP: One MSc

A Mitacs Grant (Dust; 2018-2019); HQP: One PhD (partial time)

A Mitacs Grant (Dust; 2019-2019); HQP: One PhD (partial time)