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Terry Nadasdi, Ph. D.
Full Professor
Dept. of Linguistics
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta terry.nadasdi@ualberta.ca
T6G 2E6
(780) 492-6777
(780) 492-9106 (Fax)



Curriculum vitae

In my cv, I've included a selection of my publications, most of which have an abstract that can be read by following the link publications, papers, etc. They deal primarily with sociolinguistic and morphosyntactic variation in non standard varieties of French, particularly with the use of bound morphemes in situations of language contact and attrition. The main varieties considered are Acadian French, Ontario French and immersion French.

Research projects

I am currently involved in a variety of research projects. They are: a) Research on Variation in immersion French; b) Real-time language change in Ontario French ; c) BonPatron.com (an online L2 French grammar checker); and d) SpellCheckPlus.com (an online English grammar checker). The grammar checker work has been making a significant impact. For example, BonPatron is used in just about every country in the world and receives millions of hits a year. It has also achieved a high rate of error identification. We've written up some preliminary results here.

The immersion project, co-directed with Raymond Mougeon, is described here. My research on language change in Ontario French, also with Raymond Mougeon, looks at language change by examining a corpus of French gathered in 1978 with one gathered in 2005. The two grammar checker projects (with my colleague Stéfan Sinclair, now at McMaster University) allow learners to upload compositions in French or English and receive feedback on common errors. If you are a teacher of French and there are reoccuring errors which you would like to see addressed, please by all means send them to me and I will implement them.


I currently teach in U of A's Department of Linguistics.

Over the last 15 years I have taught a variety of linguistic courses at the graduate and undergraduate level, as well as teaching French as a second language. I've included below some of the courses and provided links to their descriptions/syllabi.

Canadian French (FREN 473, U of A)
Sociolinguistics (LING 316, U of A)
French phonetics (FREN 372, U of A)
Theories of second language acquisition (MLCS 505, U of A)
Sociolinguistics and second language acquisition
Languages in Contact (LING 599, U of A)
Language Teaching methodologies
Applied Linguistics (MLCS 570, U of A)


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