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Research Projects and Support

Soil pH effects on selected species of boreal plants. NSERC-CRD. J.J. Zwiazek and S.X. Chang.

2008 Land-use change, carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions in China and Canada: Implications for global climate change. Phase II China Opportunity Fund, University of Alberta.


Soil nitrogen indicators for land reclamation policy development for forest ecosystems in the oilsands region of Alberta. Cumulative Environmental Management Association (CEMA), Albian Sands Energy Inc., The Energy Environment Technology Fund (EETF) of the government of Alberta and Alberta Environment.

2008 Soil carbon dynamics under different land-uses. Canadian Forest Service.

2008 Discrete Wet Chemistry Analyzer. NSERC Research Tools and Instruments. S.A. Quideau, G. Kachanoski, E. Macdonald, S.X. Chang and V.J. Lieffers.


Nitrogen cycling and tree nutrition in boreal forests: interactions with understory vegetation and soil water availability. NSERC Discovery grant.

2006-9 Understanding and mitigating the impacts of altered temperature and precipitation regimes on the function and biodiversity of rangeland communities. J.F. Cahill, E. Bork, S. Wilson, H. Proctor, and S.X. Chang. NSERC Strategic.

2005 Land-use changes, greenhouse gas emissions, and C budgets in hybrid poplar plantations. NSERC-CRD. With Drs. Barb Thomas, Robert Grant, David Price, and Jag Bhatti.

2005 Soil-plant relationships in saline landscapes: effects of soil salinity and groundwater levels. With Drs. Ellen Macdonald and Brett Purdy. Funded by Syncrude Canada, Suncor Energy and CNRL.

2005 Development of barley lines with enhanced water use efficiency using the 13C discrimination technique. AARI funded project led by Dr. Anthony Anyia (Alberta Research Council).

2005 Nitrogen and sulphur cycling and their relationship to soil acidification in the oilsands region. The NOxSO2 group under Cumulative Effects Management Association (CEMA).

2004-5 Carbon sequestration in hybrid poplar plantations in northern Alberta. Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries, Inc.

2004-7 Towards an understanding of forest productivity in saline landscapes of Alberta's boreal forest. With Drs. Ellen Macdonald and Brett Purdy. Funded by Syncrude, Suncor and CNRL.

2004-8 Nutrient management practices for riparian ecosystems. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

2004-8 Canadian Foundation for Innovation Infrastructure Operating Fund..
2004-7    Effluent irrigation by agroforestry for industries and communities. Dr. D.S. Chanasyk as PI.

2003-4 What are the N immobilization potentials of co-composted drilling wastes in different maturity stages? Petro-Canada.

2003-7 Carbon sequestration in hybrid poplar plantations. Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries, Inc./Ducks Unlimited Canada.

2003-4 Nutrient requirement of hybrid poplars. Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development.
2003 Litter decomposition in the Nelson long-term soil productivity study plots. British Columbia Ministry of Forests.

2003-6 Novel approaches to better understanding forest soil processes and their implications for forest productivity and climate change. Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and partners.

2003-4 Preferential uptake of ammonium and nitrate by Populus species.  Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd., Alberta Division.

2003-6 Calibration and validation of forest hydrology models to simulate soil moisture and temperature regime and enhancing models of soil carbon dynamics. Canadian Forest Service.

2002-4 Forest biomass production and fire regimes under climate change conditions.  Canadian Forest Service.

2002-6 Soil compaction alters soil N and C cycling processes in boreal forest ecosystems.  NSERC Discovery grant.

2002-3 Nutrient requirement of four hybrid poplar clones.  New Initiatives Fund, Industry Development Sector, Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (AAFRD). Dr. Mingchu Zhang as PI.