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Graduate Students Completed

Hu, Yue (Bobby). 2009.9-2012.3, M.Sc., Nutrient loading of aspen, jack pine and white spruce seedlings for potential out-planting in oil sands reclamation.

Jung, Kang-ho. 2007.8-2012.4, Ph.D. Assessing the long-term impact of acid deposition and the risk of soil acidification in boreal forests in the Athabasca oil sands region in Alberta, Canada.

Arevalo, C. 2004.9-2010.1. Ph.D. Carbon dynamics associated with different land uses in north central Alberta.

Chen, Jing. 2007-2011. Ph.D. Water use efficiency of barley lines: ecophysiological and molecular biological approaches (co-supervised with Dr. Anthony Anyia)

Lin, Yang. 2007-2010. M.Sc. Linkages between below- and aboveground diversities in a typical grassland ecosystem in Inner Mongolia.

Shi, Zheng. 2007-2010. M.Sc. Carbon cycling in hybrid poplar plantations. University of Alberta Provost’s Ph.D. Entrance Scholarship. Co-Supervised with Barb Thomas.

Attaeian, Behnaz. 2005-2009. Ph.D. Biogeochemical cycling and microbial communities in native grass lands: Responses to climate change and simulated grazing.

Yasul, Leslie. 2005-2007. M.Sc. Impacts of management systems and riparian areas on soil N dynamics and water quality. Komex International Ltd Graduate Scholarship in Soil Science in 2006 and Alberta Graduate Scholarship (Co-supervised with Dr. Charlie Arshad).

Saurette, D. 2004-2006. M.Sc. Soil respiration and C sequestration in hybrid poplar plantations in northern Alberta. NSERC-IPS scholarship. (Co-supervised with Dr. Barb Thomas)

Tan, X. 2002-2006. Ph.D.  Effects of forest management practices on C, N, and P cycling in boreal forests.  F.S. Chia (recruitment) scholarship from the University of Alberta.

Matsushima, Miwa. 2002-2005. M.Sc. Competition for nitrogen and water between Calamagrostis canadensis and Picea glauca in central Alberta.

Ketilson, Kirsten. 2002-2004. MSc. Post-fire nitrogen mineralization and plant nitrogen uptake in riparian areas of intermittent streams. NSERC/PGSA scholarship.

Amatya, G. 1996-1998. M. Appl. Sc.  Interactions between trees and pastures in agroforestry systems: effects on N dynamics and availability. New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarship.

Coxe, I. 1996-1999.  M. Appl. Sc. Toppling of planted radiata pine seedlings and methods to minimize toppling. (Associate Supervisor)

Gautam, M. 1995-1998.  Ph. D.  Root physiology of radiata pine under agroforestry.  (Associate Supervisor)

Bandara, G. D. 1994-1997. Ph. D.  Ecophysiology of clonal and seedling trees of Pinus radiata D. Don in an agroforestry system.  (Associate Supervisor)