The SPIE Student Chapter gives students the opportunity to become involved in various group projects related to photonics and optics. Projects are proposed at the start of term club meetings and coordinated via Slack channels. Teams are encouraged to work at their own pace with pre-approved milestones and a self-made timeline. The club provides support and funds to aid the team's progress.

Laser Harp

A laser harp is a musical instrument with laser beams actinga s strings, playing notes with the help of photodiode sensors. This project is ready for demonstration in a dark room with a fog machine.

LED Chess Board

The LED chessboard is a device that keeps track of chess pieces using phototransistors and infrared LEDs, with squares lighting up according to color and location. This project is still ongoing.

Plasma Speaker

The plasma speaker creates a high voltage arc of plasma with a modulated audio signal. This leads to particle vibrations in the arc, resulting in music. This project is in progress.

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