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Bei Jiang
UK-Canada AI Initiative Interview
BIAS - Responsible AI for Labour Market Equality
Analyzing Neuroimaging Data
WNAR 2018 Short Course
Lecture 1 Short Lecture 2 Short Lecture 3 Short Lecture 4 Short
Lecture 1 Long Lecture 2 Long Lecture 3 Long Lecture 4 Long
ICSA-Canada Chapter 2017 Symposium, August 18-20, 2017
Frontiers of Big Data and Statistical Sciences
Statistics Workshop
Lecture Part 1 Lecture Part 2 Code Part 1 Code Part 2
CANSSI-CRT Interview
Statisticians step up to aid neurological health research
Banff Workshop
Mathematical and Statistical Challenges in Neuroimaging Data Analysis
ICSA-Canada Chapter 2015 Symposium Short Course
Lecture 1 Lecture 2 Lecture 3 Lecture 4