At the Leijun Li Group, we conduct sponsored research in physical metallurgy, welding metallurgy, and additive manufacturing by characterizing microstructure, measuring mechanical properties, and modeling the heat and mass transfer during non-equilibrium phase transformations.

A.F. Davis Silver Medal Award

March 13, 2019, the American Welding Society selected our paper "Development of Nickel-added, Iron-based Slag-free, Self-shielded Metal-Cored Wire" printed in the September 2018 issue of the Welding Journal for the A.F. Davis Silver Metal Award. The award recognizes the "best contributions to the progress of welding in the category of maintenance and surfacing".

Paper in Nature Scientific Reports

April 3, 2019. Our paper "Cascading phase transformations in high carbon steel resulting in the formation of inverse bainite: An atomic scale investigation" is published in the Scientific Reports, a Nature journal. With Dr. Kannan as the lead author and co-authors including Y. Wang and J. Poplawski from Oak Ridge National Labs and S. Babu from University of Tennessee, the paper reports a latest development in physical metallurgy of steels.

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