Welcome to Prof. Leijun Li's research group. We conduct sponsored research in physical metallurgy, welding metallurgy, and additive manufacturing by characterizing microstructure, measuring mechanical properties, and modeling the heat and mass transfer during non-equilibrium phase transformations.

News: We are pleased to publish "Dissolution of Nb(C,N) during Post-weld Heat-treatment of Electric Resistance Welded X70 Line Pipe" in Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A. The paper studies the dissolution of Nb-carbide and non-dissolution of Ti-nitride in the growing austenite; it discovers a volume shrinkage associated with carbide dissolution in austenite; and it explains and proves this volume shrinkage using a phenomenological model for the dilatometer measurements of the "double-heating" experiment. PDF is available here.

News: A recent graduate of our group, Dr. Jason (Yiyu) Wang of ORNL, has received the 2024 Prof. Koichi Masubuchi Award by the American Welding Society. This award is sponsored by the Center for Ocean Engineering at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Congratulations Jason!

Another news: Our paper, W. N. Khan, R. Chhibber, N. Saini, Y.J. Wang, R. Kopparthi, S. Choudhury, and L. Li, 2023, "Corrosion of Dissimilar GTA Welds for Marine Applications", Welding Journal, (2023) 13-s to 23-s, has been selected for AWS 2024 W.H. Hobart Memorial Award. This award recognizes "the best contribution to pipe welding, the structural use of pipe or similar applications". We are proud to have received this award for the 4th time!