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Here are some words spoken by a New Zealand woman, Glennis Ryder. Glennis grew up in Foxton (near Palmerston North, in the lower half of the North Island). She is of European descent. At the time of the recording she was 37 years old and had never been overseas. Glennis gave permission for her voice to be used on this website and for these facts about her to be made public.

Click on the speaker to hear her pronunciation of the words in that row. Each row of words has been recorded as an ".aif" file.

If you have either "theWebPlayer for Mac" or "SciconWeb for PC", it will draw on your screen an excellent pitch plot and spectrogram of these sounds. These applications are available at no charge from: http://www.sciconrd.com

 tree  student  Paul  
 tour water enthusiasm  
 nuclear nude    
 dunce dance chance  
 example transplant    
pulp gulf golf  
peering baring pairing  
 doll dole colt  
fire  fireman  fire engine  
tower towers towering
fewer cure curing  
batted battered    
sense cents    
assume presume    
boring boar board bored
city seedy    
rule gruel    
fault fort    
tune dune    
Pete pit pet pat
put pot  putt  
baddy daddy    
bee bay buy  
bough bow boy  
boot boat bout  
ferry fairy    
bird bard    
pull pool  pill
fellow fallow    
kill cull    
reel real    
poor  pour pore paw
groan grown    
moan mown    
allusion illusion    
weather whether    
beer bear    
here hair ear air
fear fair fare  
spear spare shear share
kea care cheer chair
really rarely    

These words have been identified as potentially diagnostic of New Zealand English in Holmes and Bell (1988):

Holmes, Janet & Allan Bell. (1988). Learning by experience: Notes for New Zealand social dialectologists. Te Reo 31,19-50.

The information on this page was provided on 11 September 2000.
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