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Department of Economics

University of Alberta


7-29 HM Tory

Edmonton, AB

Canada  T6G 2H4


+1 (780) 492-9425





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It's A Great Place To Live, But Calgary's Employment Troubles Drag On

(appeared in the Calgary Herald on August 15th, 2018)

Minimum Wage, Joseph Marchand, Calgary Today with Angela Kokott

(appeared on Global News Radio 770 CHQR on August 14th, 2018)

The Local Effects of the Texas Shale Boom on Schools, Students, and Teachers

(updated on the RePEc Network on January 26th, 2018)

Minimum Wage Hikes Could Speed Up Pace of Automation,

Not Relocations, as Businesses Look to Offset Costs

(appeared in the Financial Post on January 10th, 2018)

A Voice of Dissent on Alberta's Minimum Wage Frenzy

(appeared in the National Post on September 27th, 2017)

Minimum Wage Hike Will Cost 110,000 Jobs in Alberta, Ontario, Economists Say

(appeared in the Globe and Mail September 27th, 2017)

Standing Senate Committee on National Finance

(appeared before the Senate of Canada on April 12th, 2017)

NEP-LAB [Labour Economics] Report

(updated on the RePEc Network each week)

NEP-LMA [Labor Markets] Report

(updated on the RePEc Network each week)